Sunday, July 27, 2008



I've always thought that working with kids would be very difficult. When I got asked to do the team photos for a kids baseball team, I was kind off apprehensive about it. Well I learned one thing, if there's a coach involved there are no problems... When I arrived at the field there were 9 kids running around the field playing around as kids do. Introduce myself to the parents and coach. Get out my gear take a few practice shots to check everything is working OK. When coach asks me if I'm ready to go, and my answer is yes, he bellows out "ALRIGHT EVERYBODY, LINE UP AT THE PLATE, 4 IN FRONT ON YOUR KNEES 5 IN THE BACK STANDING LET'S GO!!"

Poof 10 seconds later the kids are lined up, and 2 minutes later the group shot is done. He then tells all the kids to line up at the fence so they can all step up to the plate for individual shots... Thanks Coach! Looking forward to working with you again...

I'm really happy with how the composite worked out as well. I originally did one where the individual photo was just framed in, but after spending a little more time and removing the background from the individual photo, the final results is much more spectacular.

p.s. In case you wonder: yes I have the parents permission to publish this photo online, and no it's not the kids real name or number...

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Pernilla said...

Vilka härliga bilder du tar. Jag har bestämt mig för att köpa kameran Canon 450D. Den kostar
7800 kr i Sverige då inklusive minneskort på 8 GB samt ett extra batteri.
Vet du vad den kostar i USA?
Kram Pernilla