Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Frost on the metal lettering on a grave stone in the Netherlands. The word translates to "lives"


I had a 4.5hr lay-over in Chicago prior to flying to the Netherlands for christmas. The boredom sets in easily... I guess she felt the same.


Clouds reflected in the mirror windows of Lakeway II building in Metairie, Louisiana. I like the way the reflection looks surreal, as if it has been pasted in with Photoshop. I'm actually going to try and create a HDR image of this scene at some point to see how surreal it can get :)

Black & White

Three pictures of symbols on the asphalt path of Audubon Park in New Orleans. I like the images turning out a black & white without it being taken in black & white and the different shades of the partially dried asphalt surface.

Photoshop workshop

This is the result from following a workshop published in the Advanced Photoshop magazine. The only photo bit is the tree line, which was taken near Wolfheze in the Netherlands, everything else is pure Photoshop work. The surface of the planet needs some work, but I'm real happy with the treeline reflection in the lake.


I like random patterns, this of a flock of birds flying over lake Ponchartrain, Louisiana. The shot itself isn't all that great, but my excuse is that it's taken hanging from the window of a Ford Mustang doing 50mph (don't worry my wife was driving)


Taken on a beach in Biloxi, Mississippi.