Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Motion


Another great sport to capture with a fast camera. The Photoshop work takes a little longer with the more complex background, but it's well worth the effort.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Old & New



So much fun with Photoshop... Read some tips on how to make photos look old. Some of the basic Photoshop techniques like adding noise etc. are good, but just don't make it look really old. Using some more manual techniques like scanning some coffee stains & crumpled paper and using overlay layers of these on the original pictures create a much more realistic final result...

Sunday, May 11, 2008



Cutting out the torso and then applying a series of Photoshop effects (can't remember exactly which ones), and you end up with something looking like a sculpture made from weird colored stone..

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Apart from being a good example of how to stretch your shoulder muscles, it's a good example of what you can do with a remote flash. A SB-800 in remote mode standing on the floor (ev +0.3, LightSphere dome diffuser attached) and the on board flash switched off provides for really cool shadows both on Kodi and from the exercise machine on the ceiling.

I realy like Kodi as a subject as he's very good at ignoring the camera and just looking natural. He's not camera shy, and not constantly looking into the lens either.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


What would a photoblog be without a sunset? No filters, no photoshop work (apart from the size reduction), just a nice sunset over Lake Ponchartrain as seen from the 9th floor of the Lakeway building.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I currently have the pleasure of following a body builder on his pre-competition season training. Although I never understood the reasoning behind body building (then again he doesn't understand why I like to run distance), the kind of dedication that goes into this training is admirable... The photos were taken with my brand new D200, with a 18-200 AF-S VR lens. The VR makes it a lot easier doing panning shots, tracking the subject. The "merge photo" function in Photoshop makes easy work of putting a series into one picture.


One of my first attempts at a personal tag... I got the idea when I was watching a brush artist in Biloxi making T-Shirts using airbrush. I love the effects you create with airbrush. And using Photoshop brushes & vectors you can create and modify to your hearts content (without messing up the neighbour's wall)!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Here a few links to some photo/graphics series I've done...

The first one is of series of pictures taken during my last in Sweden with an Olympus u720sw. It's a collection of very random pictures...

Last Month in Sweden

The second series is of a photo session taken for a gym in New Orleans. The trainer wanted to create a scrapbook to put on display in the gym showing what the different classes were all about. All of the pictures taken with a Nikon D40x and SB400 flash where used


The third series is of a bunch of CD covers I put together using Paint Shop Pro (my favourite program for creating graphics prior to me getting really started on PhotoShop).

CD covers

Saturday, May 3, 2008


A friend of mine was (and still is) dubbing over getting a Tattoo. So I messed around with Photoshop so he could get a feel for what it would look like... I didn't have anything hi-res to work with, so it doesn't get any better than this...

Self portrait

This one I took lying down on the bow of a sailing boat owned at that time by my very good friend Andy. We went sailing on a gorgeous august day in 2004 on Lake Mälaren the body of water north of Södertälje in Sweden. Shame about the water drop on the lens, but I like the shot because of it's odd angle, and the good memories it has associated with it.


These are some of my very first digital pictures, taken with a Fujifilm MX2900-Z, the very first digital camera I bought (an impressive 2.3mp, which was AWESOME in 1999). And the first ones I was actually somewhat happy with. Taken in Dec 2000 in the backyard of my parents house in Wolfheze, The Netherlands.


Three images from a long series of photo's taken during a day at the Batavia shipyard in the Netherlands, with an Olympus C-5050. It was just below freezing most of the day, and absolutely zero wind (as you can see from the main shot).

On a historical note: this was on the 26th of December 2004, the day the tsunami hit Thailand, Indonesia and other parts of asia.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


My wife with her infinite patience for me taking photos of her. Amazingly she appears to be getting more patient with it as time goes on. Then again the pictures are getting better as well