Saturday, January 10, 2009

Create your own motion

So you took a photo of the car, but it looks boring like this:


You want to make the car look like it's moving, but you have no friends to either handle the camera while you drive or drive the car for you as you know you're the better photographer. However you do own Photoshop...

Select the car with a lasso or other freehand selection tool, and apply some motion blur:


This looks kinda weird for two reasons:

1. You can see through the windows and nothing is "moving" here.
2. The tires are not rotating

So add the windows into the original selection to make sure what you see through the windows moves along with the rest of the background. For the tires, simply select them and apply radial blur.


et voilá, your car is moving. OK there is a third reason it still looks weird, there's no driver... who needs that level of reality anyway.

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Anonymous said...

put in a driver back wards then it becomes realy weird lol